Monday, March 29, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

My sister and I went to see Alice in Wonderland yesterday. It was amazing. The 3D was fabulous. I really wanted to reach up and touch the Cheshire Cat. It looked like he was hanging just in front of my nose. The characters were wonderful and so imaginative. It truly was a wonderland. I highly recommend it if you want a couple of hours of pure enjoyment and escape.

I really like Johnny Depp movies. I think my all time favorite is Benny and Joon. I know it is an old one but I love it. I think he is such a great character actor.

It is misty and cold here today but by Thursday it is supposed to be 79 degrees and 76 for Easter Sunday. Happy, Happy, Happy! Maybe I can get out in the yard and work some. Hope your weather forecast is as nice. Have a great day.


  1. Hello Vintage Gran! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and entering my giveaway. I haven't seen Alice yet, but I like Johnny Depp too. Loved him in Chocolat. He has such a beautiful face as himself and it's so easily changed into other characters that he's unrecognizable!

    And books...I just finished "The Hot Flash Club" by Nancy Thayer. So funny for us older gals.

    Stop by again and say hi.


  2. I just love your Bachelor Boys as they remind me of My Boyz, Bailey & Max & Mr. Binks!!
    I too love Johnny Depp....I loved his pirate movies!!
    Happy Tuesday!!

  3. I finally got time to look you your blog! I love the picture of the cats! They are so sweet and all cuddled up together!

    Love ya!


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