Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beautiful Spring

This has been one of the most beautiful springs I have seen in years. The flowers have been so pretty. I am still trying to learn how to post all the pictures to my blog. I am not a camera person. I am always the one at the family reunion that forgot her camera. But I am determined to learn. Speaking of determination, this little columbine is very determined. It comes up in a crack between my front steps each year. I can't stand to cut it down until it blooms so here it is again. I hope it continues for many years to come. I love it. I can walk around it.
The azaleas are blooming now.

And the iris.

This will always be one of my most loved flowers although most of you probably want to kill them all. Sweet little dandelion. I love it because my children always picked them and brought them to me. Such love from such sweet little sweaty hands bringing momma flowers. I remember picking them for my own mother. I taught kindergarten for many years and each spring little ones would come running to me, holding that little piece of sunny yellow love in their hands just for their teacher. Yes, it will always be dear to my heart.

Little bluets by the hundreds carpet the ground.

Miniature jonquils.

And the large multi-colored ones.

One of the first signs of spring, crocus.
Spring is my favorite time of year. I always feel like the first day of spring should be the beginning of the new year.
I have missed blogging simply because it is spring and there is so much to do. Cleaning, planting, getting out summer clothes, and of course, you have to just get out and enjoy the weather. My sister and I went to Somerset simply because there are literally miles of red bud trees along the highway. Of course I forgot my camera but we enjoyed the day. Such beauty.
The number of shades of green in spring simply amaze me and they do not clash at all, but blend into one delightful magnificent green display. Only God could do such a wonderful blending of so many different shades of one color. I hope your spring has been lovely this year.

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