Thursday, March 18, 2010

Junking pictures (I hope)

I have pictures of the wonderful junk my sister and I found when we went to Peddler's Mall in Richmond last week. Somehow or other they are not in the order I wanted them and for some reason I can't cut and paste them so you will just have to see them in the order the computer wants them. I always seem to find books. This time I only got a hymn book and the neatest little dollhouse book. It opens up and has rooms and furniture that you can color and make a little house. I really think it is neat.

I have always loved those old stamp holders that they used to have at the post office. I just had to have this one. Now if I can find enough stamps with handles to fill it up. The bell is a cookie cutter. There was a basket of the wooden spools. I only wish I had bought more. The little butter knife will be used with cheese balls.

We stopped at Hobby Lobby and I found some goodies there. Crepe paper, tissue paper, stamp pad, embossing ink, a rubber stamp of a key, a brush holder that expands and some markers.

Obviously, I didn't rotate this picture when I downloaded the pictures. Believe me, it will be easier for you to turn your head sideways than for me to try to change it. This is the plate that you will see in the next picture after I turned it into a picture frame. This is a picture that I downloaded from someone's free images, (Thank You). I will actually put a picture of my children in it later.

This is the pretty little plate before. I seem to have a tendency to purchase dishes. This one is hand painted and I love the colors. There are three little bottles above it. I'm sure I will find some use for them.

This picture is also out of order. I think it is probably a cover for a baby pillow. It is a front and back that are laced together with a little white ribbon. It is very delicate and pretty and I intend to make a small pillow for it.

Linens and whitegoods. Oh how I love them. The little slip is probably for a doll. The lace runner was all rolled up and I thought it was just lace. It is in good shape and I don't know if I can cut it up or not. The little rabbit holds bunny note paper.

Tiny ornaments for tiny Christmas trees. I love little trees and couldn't pass these up. The price was right.

Madame Alexander Dolls that were in happy meals at McDonalds some time ago. I have been picking these up. I have about a dozen now. I want to put them on a Christmas Tree for my little peeps.

Seam binding and tapes. At 10 cents a package I couldn't resist. The one thing that amazed me was the price of old paper sewing patterns. The cheapest one I saw was 85 cents and they went all the way up to $3.00. Wow.

I am trying to make a little fairy and I needed wings and hair. The package in the middle has wings and the one behind it is hair. How lucky can I be. The birds are iron ons and the brown looking package is cardboard frames.

Here is the inside of the dollhouse book. The left page is one of the walls of a room and the right is furniture. Isn't that neat?

We had a lot of fun and a great day. Junking is one of my favorite things to do. I can hardly wait for yard sales to start.

I have a new keyboard. The old one quit printing certain letters. I had no idea that I used the letter k so much but evidently I do. Computers are absolutely wonderful when they work and the person using them knows what she is doing (which most of the time I don't).

I hope as I go along that I will improve at this and you will not see pictures out of order or have to turn your head or stand on your head or whatever. Have a great day.

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  1. Great haul you've got there!

    Don't you hate when blogger rotates your pics? Drives me NUTS!!!

    Have a great Saturday!


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