Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Secret Garden

It was very hot here today. 90 degrees. I worked outside most of the morning and nearly melted. My house sits on a very small downtown lot and we have no lawn at all in the back. Instead we have a small enclosed patio, a raised deck, a small herb garden, and an inground pool. Most people do not know that we have anything besides a pool back there and it is always a surprise when we have guests. I call it my secret garden. So please join me for a visit on my patio and later we will visit the other areas. If you will notice there are no hands on the clock. I removed them because time just seems to stand still when I am out here whether I'm working or just enjoying my coffee in the morning.

The wreath on the wall is a living wreath. I made it with moss on a wire frame and it has had different flowers or greenery many times. The large green plant below it is Sweet Annie. It is one of my favorite plants and I always put it near the entrance because when people brush up against it the sweet odor is wonderful.

The steps go up to a small porch and the deck. I always seem to have such a hodge podge of containers. Maybe someday I will try to coordinate it all a little better.

One of my favorite corners. Do you see the metal cat sitting under the birdcage?

In the background is an iron stand that holds three pots of pink begonias. I forgot to take a picture of the metal table and chairs. We also have the grill down here. These photos are from last year. I have just started planting this year. It pretty much looks the same each year because I have favorite plants that I like to use. Wish you could join me in the morning for a cup of coffee in my secret garden.


  1. Just lovely! I'd like to have a cup of coffee there, too! Just love your living wreath!!

  2. Thank you for stopping in I hope you win. I'm following you also. I Hope you don't mind, but I took a bite of the chocolate pie!

  3. beautiful plants. LOVE LOVE that wreath!!

  4. A beautiful peaceful place! I love the living wreath too and will have to see if we have Sweet Annie here where I live.
    Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway at By the Hill.
    Good luck and I enjoyed visiting you. I'm coming back for the chili recipe I saw in another post!!

  5. Love your garden...wish you could help me to have one in my yard
    Enjoyed finding you today

  6. I love your secret garden. It looks like a wonderful place to sit and relax,spend time with friends. I am working on sprucing up my back porch and will share pics of our little back yard haven soon. Thanks for visiting and entering my giveaway. I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog.


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