Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Secret Garden Part Two

Welcome back to my secret garden. When we walk up a few steps we are on the deck and it looks out over the pool. To the right of the diving board is a little area where I have my herb garden.
Now we are on the deck. All of the petunias in these pictures reseed every year. I bought purple wave petunias about 5 years ago and they have shown up every year since. They do not always run true to their original color but they are always shades of purple down to pink. I just transplant them into pots and let them grow.

More of the petunias and the plant in the front that looks brown is not dead. It is really a bronze shade and is a coleus. I love foliage plants because they always provide color even when there is not a lot of blooms on the other flowers. The oval shaped planter on the bottom shelf is full of garden sage. I love to cook with it.

The thing hanging on the wall was purchased at a yard sale for $5.00. The green heart shaped plant is a wild morning glory that I just let grow. It actually gets too much shade to bloom but I love the leaves. The purple plant beside it is a purple basil. It reseeds all over the place and I usually keep a couple of pots of it because I love the dark purple.

I found this little set at a local antique store and fell in love with it. The chairs actually fold up. Of course the pot with the red is a mixed group of coleus. It sure looks like the deck could use a good sweeping.

I found these chairs at another local antique store. They just fit in this corner.
I guess you notice that I have an odd assortment of plants. I really don't have a plan in mind when I go out to buy plants. Lots of times I just buy what has been reduced because they are not in the best shape because I just feel sorry for them. I bring them home, repot them and they usually grow really well. I take cuttings from some of the coleus every year and keep them in my kitchen window all winter. Then they go into the garden in the spring.
It has been so hot for the last few days. I wish you could join me for a southern glass of fresh made sweet tea.


  1. Your garden looks so inviting. The garage sale and antique store treasures combined with an eclectic collection of plants makes for lovely pictures!

  2. I love your secret garden! So many lovely places to sit.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and entering the giveaway!


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